List of products by brand Distillerie Berta

A leading family-owned grappa producer based in Piedmont, north Italy. It exports to over 60 different markets around the globe.

The company's first distillery was built in 1947 at Nizza Monferrato by Paolo Berta, who had just graduated as an oenologist. The Berta family had been in the wine industry around Asti for many decades, and had built up an effective entrepreneurial network between Paolo's father Giovanni and his younger brother Michele, who was selling Barolo Chinato. Paolo's distillery quickly gained international acclaim, largely thanks to numerous foreign wine trade professionals who were visiting the nearby sparkling wine producers at Canelli. In 2002, Berta added a modern facility to its holdings at Casalotto di Mombaruzzo in Asti. Berta sources grape pomace from wine regions throughout Italy, which is kept fresh and damp until needed in specially designed, hermetically sealed containers. Distillation uses a non-continuous bain-marie system with boilers. Berta produces a wide range of grappa’s in unoaked and unoaked versions.

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